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At Paul Willis Electrical Ltd, we understand that operating a business efficiently, is key to its success. Therefore, we appreciate just how important it is to have electrical experts on hand to assist you when required. Our service covers Halifax and surrounding areas and is here to meet all of your Industrial and Commercial needs. Throughout our 30 years of working in this industry, we have worked with many businesses and delivered a high standard of workmanship, every single time.

Our ability to work around your specific needs ensures that we do not disrupt your business operations while ensuring we deliver work of the highest quality. We work professionally, efficiently and always ensure we are on hand to work with you and your requirements.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Commercial and Industrial Electrical service to businesses throughout the area. Therefore, we can design and install new electrical systems and maintain existing installations.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience of the relevant Health and Safety legislation within this sector and so, we can help you meet your obligations. Over the last 30 years, we have seen the commercial and industrial sectors change considerably. The number of Health and Safety regulations have grown, with many requiring businesses to enhance performance, cut costs and look at ways or reducing energy usage and waste. Therefore, we can help in all areas.


    Whether you require a new electrical installation or requires us to carry out repairs and maintenance on an old system, we are here for you. We have a team of knowledgeable experts who have the qualifications and skills to undertake all repair and regular maintenance work.


    We appreciate that all businesses are now looking at ways to reduce their energy usage and look at ways in which they can operate more efficiently. We can help you to replace old and dated systems that cost you money with more effective and efficient systems that will save you money. We can advise you on the technology that is out there and discuss your options with you. This can range from the type of lighting you have to way in which your heating is controlled.


    Many businesses are now choosing to move across to more energy efficient systems. Old lighting systems can cost businesses a huge amount of money and so, we have can help you to replace all lamps and lands with energy efficient alternatives such as LED. Through our service, we can help you to save money, reduce the amount of maintenance and provide you lighting that will last for decades.


    Lights and heating cost businesses a lot of money because a lot of waste is needlessly generated. We can help by installing the latest technology that will give your business the ability to control the temperature and lighting, ensuring you drive waste and costs down. We can introduce temperature and timing regulation and sensors to ensure your lights are only used when needed

A service you can trust

Paul Willis Electrical Ltd

There is a reason why our service is highly regarded in the industrial and commercial sector. We have covered a wide range of jobs of varying sizes for businesses of different sizes. This proves that our trustworthy service can meet your needs. Our ability to work flexibly and adapt to each job enables us to remain ahead of our competitors. This is why our service comes recommended by many.

Customer satisfaction is key. We work fast without compromising on quality to ensure your business can continue to function in the way that it should. Therefore, we rectify your issues and complete our work plans within the agreed timescale, providing you with a service that you can trust time and time again.

Paul Willis Electrical Ltd

A service designed for you

Our service is tailored to your specific needs. For advice or a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts are on hand to provide advice and guidance that is designed to work for your business.

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